The Clarinet Department
at New Music School

Redefining clarinet lessons in Chicago.

The clarinet department at NMS aims to provide clarinet instruction and musical training reaching for the highest professional standard through engaging and fun private instruction. At NMS, we tailor private instruction to meet the needs of each individual student, recognizing that each student has a unique learning style and different strengths and challenges. We encourage the personal growth of each student and provide them with the optimum private lesson experience.

Through the clarinet program, students work through an extensive list of great clarinet repertoire, preparing each student for countless opportunities to perform as individuals, chamber musicians, and orchestral or band members. Clarinet students additionally work on orchestral and wind excerpts that prepare them for both band and orchestra auditions.

Clarinet students are exposed to artist teachers through master classes with internationally known clarinetists along with the opportunity to attend other instructional master classes. Additionally, clarinet students at NMS learn how the clarinet relates to all the fine arts by working with renowned professional vocalists, dancers, artists, and actors.

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The Clarinet Department

The Clarinet Department Chair

John Bruce Yeh
NMS Clarinet Department Chair
Assistant Principal Clarinet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra


The Clarinet Faculty


  • Traditional clarinet lessons available.
  • Comprehensive instrument education including performance classes, theory, technique, ear training, recitals, masterclasses, performances, competitions, and association of music with the rest of the arts.
  • Fun and engaging lessons with the best teachers in the region.
  • Personalized curriculum achieving the best possible learning conditions and highest convenience.
  • Clarinet lessons held at our downtown Chicago school, in students' homes, and at hub locations.


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