The Horn Department
at New Music School

Redefining horn lessons in Chicago.

The French Horn department at NMS aims to help students develop the necessary skills to successfully pursue a career in the performing arts, and most importantly, start beginning students on a path to great success through our fun and engaging programs. In support of each student's personal growth is a dynamic program designed to continue technical and physical development. Not only do we hope to build strong beginning to advanced horn players, we strive to motivate complete musicians.

Horn students are exposed to artist teachers through master classes with internationally known trumpet educators along with the opportunity to attend other instructional master classes. Additionally, horn students at NMS learn how the their instrument relates to all the fine arts by working with renowned professional vocalists, dancers, artists, and actors.

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The Horn Department

The Horn Department Chair

Dale Clevenger
NMS Horn Department Chair
Former Principal Horn, Chicago Symphony Orchestra



  • Traditional horn lessons available.
  • Comprehensive instrument education including performance classes, theory, technique, ear training, recitals, masterclasses, performances, competitions, and association of music with the rest of the arts.
  • Fun and engaging lessons with the best teachers in the region.
  • Personalized curriculum achieving the best possible learning conditions and highest convenience.
  • Horn lessons held at our downtown Chicago school, in students' homes, and at hub locations.


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